Who will cut the Gordian knot of complex data flows?

15.–16. 9. 2022, Česká spořitelna in Prague

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Why join

Are you interested in searching for original solutions to non-trivial problems using modern technologies?

Would you like to pursue a career in the field of Data Intelligence?

Would you like a glimpse into the data architecture of a large bank using a unique set of metadata?

Are you an SQL developer, or are you maybe interested in graph databases?

Join us in trying to unravel a tangle of complex data flows between large systems and lay the foundation for a digital map of the data landscape of an entire company (in this case, a bank)!

About the HackFlow hackathon

Data lineage is a way of monitoring and analyzing complex links and flows between data objects in information systems.

It is technically described in the structure of an oriented graph in the form of specific metadata. In large organizations, this metadata is such a robust database that interpreting it into useful information for end users requires a set of complex and non-trivial tasks.


The object of the HackFlow hackathon will be to find the most efficient algorithms and their representation in the chosen technology (for example, in a relational or graph database) for the following component tasks:

  1. Vertical aggregation (leveling of data object hierarchy)
  2. Horizontal aggregation (selective skipping and encapsulation of specific types of oriented graph nodes)
  3. Bridging of missing links (“gaps”) in a contiguous data flow sequence
  4. Conditional lineage or simplification of the graph by eliminating certain links based on their relevance for the purpose of the given analysis


Individual and group performance will be monitored and evaluated by a panel of representatives from all organizing companies
Prizes will be awarded in two categories.

Best Individual


Two month paid internship in Manta in Lisboa

Employee from the organizing companies

Voucher for a weekend in Lisboa for two people including travel and accommodation

Other participants

Voucher for the DevTernity conference, taking place in Prague on December 8th, 2022

Best Team

Voucher to Alza.cz for EUR 100 for every member of the best team


3–5 member solving teams will all have available the same standardized set of metadata describing data flows across several of the bank’s information systems.

The metadata will be generated using the Manta tool, which performs reverse engineering of data structures and data transformations by parsing the source code.

As support, metadata from existing documentation of part of these systems will be provided. In addition, several areas (one or more data objects, usually database tables) will be provided for which backward and forward data lineage visualization will be required.

Each team’s assignment will be to come up with a finished solution, ideally for all four component tasks, the success of which will be demonstrated with a visualization of data lineage outputs in the selected field.

Registration is closed. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us by e-mail petr.hajek@profinit.eu.